Assalamualaikum & hello !

             entry this time is bout  some people that not grants to me  . me so so sad today but me hide  this feeling from you alls . do you know the meaning of SIAL ? if you don't really know what is it . just shut up your mouth from say this annoying word to orang lain . so annoyed lahh you girl ! ! !  every in your speak always have this annoyed word . what the hell ? go fuck your self and die lahh ! you make me so mad !me try to control my temper coz you're my bestie .  me try to hold my word " FRIENDS IS EVERYTHING ". if you want to kidding not this way . ni bukan caranya . buat orang sakit hati adalah . every time you say it like a prayer to me also to other people . please stop lahh say this annoyed word ! me try to slow talk with you but i am worried you will lose heart . so please understand people around you . me don't want be your BASTARD .  can you say a nice word ? so tired speaking here . okay lahh . aku tanak kita gaduh pasal annoyed word tu . tapi cubalah kau faham takde ayat lain ke kau boleh sebut ? kau tahu tak kau cakap SIAL tu ex : SIAL LAHH ! ibarat kau doakan aku sial . aku bukannya tak pernah cakap ayat tu tapi kenalah dengan tempat . aku nak cakap kat kau serba salah . takut kau kecil hati . habis tu aku yang kena sial tu tak kecil hati ke ? aku manusia biasa yang ada perasaan acam kau . up here . BYEEE !

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