Assalamualaikum & hai ! Life like wheel always turning but sometimes it leak . Nowday i've bored with FUCKING Facebook ! So many hantu there . Entah whatever diorang kann mengarut ! same as me bila i've got mad i akan buat status sakit hati . Huh ! get tired with those bitch !
NAHHH ! Tomorrow i dah start work kat BPMall with my bestie Sha Cha . Tu dia
Acc i've another one work place call BKK THAI FOOD at the basement floor BPMall .Tapi my mum tak suka i keje situ coz kena berdiri tunggu and serve customer . Dengar ponn macam penat tapi memang penat ! Cause i people who like to be independent so i think i nak cari pengalaman keje situ . The pay ponn ouke lahh yang seronoknya bila time dapat gaji . Wahhhh ! boleh enjoy ! Too hard accept people who ever piece off our heart . Like one boy ni my ex nak couple semula dengan i . Tapi at the same time i dah consider dia as my FRIEND . Feeling love tu memang masih ade but 10% only . Feel guilt pulak kat dia but the fact is i can't accept him anymore as my BF ! Cause once he had piece off my heart .
Yeahh i'm looking for love . True love ! so so lonely with/out love right ? Any BF there who wants to be my BF ? Ohh like a bitch ! Remember couple2 jugak tapi border guard ! Ingat azab akhirat . I just remind only. I realized my shortcomings and I was not well . Thanks for the reading and don't forget to follow me ya ? Sorry sebab no background music coz i dah fade up don't nak pakai lagu ape . if there is one mistake I hope to be forgiven, I am only human. ENJOY ! kiss sikit . MUAAAHHHH ! =]